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Getting Started in Beekeeping

Resources for Getting Started in Beekeeping

Welcome to the Craft of Beekeeping

One of the key aspects of the Northwest Association is to foster the art of beekeeping and helping others to take up the craft of beekeeping is one of the key principles of the mission.  Below you will find a section of our website dedicated to helping our beekeepers find sound information for not only getting started but on the journey to becoming a confident and competent beekeepers.

About this Resource

Two Sections to Review

We maintain two resources for those getting started.

- The first one (Getting Started Primer) is a simple overview and key highlights of things to consider when getting started in bees.  

- The second is our full, comprehensive informational resources for all of the facets of keeping bees.  (Getting Started - Managed Mentoring)

Getting Started Primer

Our Getting Started in Bees Primer is a good place to start when looking for some holistic guidance on how to keep bees.  It covers information, advice, recommendations, and links to resources.  It is a good place to get grounded and we recommend you start here"

Getting Started in Beekeeping Primer


The second option listed below can be used as a collection of resources or you can enter into the Managed Mentoring program with the association.  Information about that is outlined below.

Getting Started - Managed Mentoring Program

The NWNJBA association sponsors the NWNJBA Managed Mentoring Program in support of new beekeepers.  We encourage beekeepers to take a traditional getting started beekeeping course (several are offered in the state of NJ and more information can be found on the New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA) Website).  

Managed Mentoring Program Introduction

The program Northwest has adopted is supported by several of our Senior beekeepers and it leads beekeepers through a mix of presentations on important topics, hands-on sessions in the Northwest Mentoring Yards, and direct visits to Northwest beekeepers in the first and second year of beekeeping.   The outline of the program spans new beekeepers from their first days of wanting to keep bees to the two-year mark and a milestone where they should have a solid foundation for managing their bees with confidence.

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