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Hive Placement Requests

Matchmaking for request from homeowners in Hunterdon and Warren Counties who want bees on their land

Our branch association receives a number of request each year from homeowners who would like to start beekeeping or more so wish to have someone keep bees on their property for the benefits that come along with pollination or simply being green.


We provide insight on this page of how to make a request for placement in our area and a listing for beekeepers who are looking for opportunities to place bees on properties other than their own.

Soliciting for a Hive Placement Request


We will disclose your information on this website and to interested members

Please be clear that your request will be shared with our membership and the public at large.  It could be noted that your email and phone number will be listed on this website and available to the public.

Our association provides information about solicitations in three ways.  

  1. Occasionally we send information out to our membership when a number of requests are in play.

  2. We announce information of locations available to the membership at regular membership meetings.

  3. We post them here on our website for members to find and connect at any time

How to Make a Request

If you are looking for providers of honey in New Jersey, and you are not from Hunterdon or Warren County, we encourage you to visit the New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA) Honey and Hive products page.  The NJBA maintains a list of providers that sell honey and honey bee products for the entire state and the Town and County are provided so you can find a provider near you.


Submit a Request
Please read the Q&A Below prior to submitting.

Thank you for your request.

Q&A - Some Important Insights for those who are considering hosting bees

Question: How much property will I need?

Answer: Ideally property for keeping bees has a quiet location, free from human and animal interaction, and at least 50-foot setbacks in all directions.  It is a bonus to have pollinator gardens or home/landowners that will help to plant pollinator-friendly plants.

Question: Are there any special considerations that beekeepers need from you?

Answer: Yes, quite a few, and here are a handful that we recommend being considered.  

  • Good Forage Sources: Bees need good nutrition to survive. Optimally beekeepers will look for larger areas of forage when considering a location for bees and not simply someone's home with a garden. That is a welcome bonus but they will also consider the surrounding areas.

  • Access: Management of bees requires access to hives for upkeep and being able to bring a vehicle into a hive is ideal. Beekeepers will also need to have permission to access.

  • Costs, Fees: Stipulations for use. Honestly, beekeeping tends to be a loss for beekeepers. Being charged to place bees on land or living with stipulations to have access to land is a beekeeper's choice but many tend to stay away from property offers that come with complex arrangements. Please be sure to discuss all details upfront with a beekeeper before arrangements are made.

  • Liability: Typical beekeepers are not insured unless they are running a commercial operation. Insurance for anything that arises typically falls on the landowner. Please review concerns before making any arrangements and we would recommend that you consider checking your homeowners/land insurance policy.

  • Pesticides, Insecticides, and other Chemicals used on your property. Bees are susceptible to chemicals and property owners have to be considerate in practices when hosting bees. Many requests to have bees for apples, or vegetables but expect that they will do routine spraying. It is very important that the beekeeper know your intentions and understand your practices.  Beekeepers will tend to shy away from locations that are near golf courses or places that are known to use chemicals in the upkeep of their properties

Question: Do beekeepers charge to put bees on my property

Answer: It depends.  There are two types of requests.  I'd simply like to have bees on my property, and I'd like to have bees on my property for a purpose that includes something akin to pollination.  Typical beekeepers keep bees as a hobby but some are in business and they receive payment for pollination services.  If your intent to engage with a beekeeper is to pollinate beyond the aspect of simply having bees on the property, then consider that a beekeeper may request fees for their services.

Question: How do these arrangements work?

Answer: The arrangement is between the home/landowner and the beekeeper.  This beekeepers association is simply facilitating the message of availability and is not involved in any of the private arrangements between the beekeeper and you the landowner.  Arrangements are verbal or written - that is up to you.

Question: I have bears in my area, will a bear fence be required?

Answer: Yes, it is a fact of life that if you are in an area of New Jersey where bears are prevalent bear fences are unavoidable.  Ideally, the home/landowner will fund the system for the beekeeper in exchange for having the benefit of bees on the property but again this is a matter that can be worked out between the land/homeowner and the beekeeper.

Question: Can I expect honey out of the arrangement?

Answer: It depends.  Every beekeeper does these arrangements in their own way and you can discuss that as a matter of agreement to place bees.  Most beekeepers are willing to work with land/homeowners to provide honey in exchange for placement but making honey is not always an iron-clad guarantee as beekeeping is sometimes fickle so manage expectations and be fair to what the beekeeper will tell you about this.

Question: What if I want my listing removed?

Answer: Send an email to with the insight that a match has been made and we will remove it from the page.

Question: What if my question is not answered?

Answer: If you have questions that we didn't include please let us know (email  Every situation is different and you can of course ask any questions of the beekeeper who contacts you.

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