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NWNJBA Membership

Information on how to join the NWNJBA/NJBA

New Membership

Becoming a Member

Registering for the Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NWNJBA) will provide membership in both the Northwest Beekeepers Association and our parent organization, the New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA).

Steps to Join

1. Visit the New Jersey Beekeepers Association New Membership Application Page to apply.

2. Complete the online application. When prompted, choose the Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association group.


  • Upon completion, Northwest is notified of your membership application.

  • We will send you a Getting Started guide and add you to our notifications of all events.

  • Membership dues are $25.00 annually.

  • Junior Membership (under 18) is available for $8.00 annually.

  • New members are also optionally eligible to join other secondary branches for an additional $8.00.

Benefits of Membership

Registration includes complimentary state newsletters and informational emails on events hosted by the state and local branches throughout the year.  


Registrants in good standing can submit a listing on the statewide product and/or swarm collection pages as hosted by the NJBA.

Membership Notifications

The NWNJBA utilizes the Constant Contact service for association notifications. When a membership is confirmed at the state level, a contact record is established at the association level, and you will be automatically added to association communications.​

Notification Problems?

On some occasions, users find that they are not receiving email announcements.  This is not too common but it occurs. Possible reasons:

Spam Filters

A spam filter is blocking our email. Notifications come from our Constant Contact account, the NJBA’s Wild Apricot service, and others. Please look in your email program and see if our mail messages are being filtered to spam inadvertently.

Profile Problems

The NJBA and the NWNJBA maintain a list of email addresses for your account based on how you registered with us. Keeping an accurate email address in the state’s Wild Apricot (Membership Management) solution is one of the key ways to help solve notification problems.


To see what email address(s) are on file for your account:

1. Visit the NJBA membership portal.

2. Click the LOGIN link in the upper right-hand corner and provide your user ID and Password.

• Your user ID should be your email account.

• If you do not remember your account information you can try the forgot password option. If it says “Email not found,” please send an email to to ask for assistance.

3. Upon logging in you will see your membership name in the top right corner of the web page (typically your first and last name). Click on the link for your name to visit your membership profile.

4. On the profile page it will indicate (under the membership details) any emails associated with the account.  You can use the edit record feature to correct any problems with your profile, including email addresses.

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