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Community places to collaborate with beekeepers

A word about these resources

The collective wisdom of others is a blessing and a curse when it comes to beekeeping.  Beekeepers with experience and the ability to effectively communicate are a godsend when you are trying to solve a problem, learn something new, or simply collaborate with another.  A problem with expertise however is that sometimes it is misrepresented and it is somewhat common unfortunately to see poor or patently wrong advice given when it comes to management practices.  Still, for some of the bad that is encountered, there are many, many helpful and useful posts in these resources.

Our recommendation is to seek local counsel through your network of experienced and successful beekeepers in an association nearby to you.  For one thing, beekeeping is local, and sometimes what people say will not be appropriate for your conditions.  There are many occasions where you can find that answer you were seeking or a solution on the Internet but we would suggest you browse for the information you are seeking and take the time to do proper research before going on something that may or may not be a good route to follow.  If in doubt, turn to some of the trusted books on beekeeping as an alternative.  

All this to say, do enjoy and learn what is out in the world but use common sense when following advice that is given by resources that are possibly not as qualified as they lead on.


Beekeeping Forums


Beekeeping Forum

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Beekeeping Forum


Beekeeping Forum


Beekeeping Forum





NJ Facebook Groups

Note: These groups are a mix of open membership and private groups. If they are private, you can submit a request to join the group.​

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