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Useful Links

Useful beekeeping links to local, state, and other resources.

New Jersey



The state level beekeeping association. The NJBA is the parent organization of the 10 local branches.

Central Jersey Beekeepers Association

The CJBA branch serves Middlesex, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean, and Burlington counties.

Essex County
Beekeepers Association

The Essex County Beekeepers Association serves Essex and surrounding areas.

Sussex County
Beekeepers Association

The Sussex County Beekeepers Association serves Sussex and surrounding areas.

Northeast New Jersey Beekeepers Association

Serving primarily Bergen and Passaic counties but members hail from other areas of NJ and NY.

New Jersey Pollen and Nectar Source with bloom dates

New Jersey Pollen and Nectar Source with bloom dates. Common names and bloom periods

Bee Informed


BIP promotes a science-based, data-driven approach to improve the health and long-term sustainability of honey bees.

Honey Bee

Health Coalition

A large collection of resources for beekeepers.  Be sure to check out the Varroa Management guide and tools.

National Honey Board

An industry-funded agriculture promotion group that educates consumers about the benefits and uses of honey and honey products.

Honey Bee


Rusty Berlew’s blog, covering all aspects of beekeeping. Insights, questions answered, and a large body of content for beekeeping and pollinators.

Bee Culture Magazine

One of the two major beekeeping magazines in the U.S. Articles cover both basic and advanced beekeeping aspects, plus history and research.

American Bee Journal Magazine

U.S.-based beekeeping magazine. This publication tends to present a more academic and research-based point of view.

Two Million Blossoms Magazine

A quarterly magazine with a focus on pollinator and beekeeping topics.

U.S. Dept of Agriculture

USDA link to the closest honey bee research lab in Beltsville Maryland.

NJ Department
of Agriculture

The NJ Department of Agriculture's Bee Inspection Website. Bee regulations, laws, hive registration, and more.

NJ Beekeepers

Links Page

The NJ Beekeepers Page has their own links page that is more expanded than this list with an extensive set of resources.

Cottage Food Regulation Exemption

Bill A3992 Sca (1R) Session 2022–2023 (Exempts raw, unprocessed honey from DOH cottage food regulations)

NJ Department of Agriculture GMPs for Harvesting Honey

Recommended Good Management Practices (GMPs) for Harvesting Honey

NJ Food Safety Requirements

Minimum Food Safety Requirements for Product Sales Farm Markets and Community Farmers’ Markets

Landi Simone
Lotions & Potions Presentation

Learning About Honey Bees

Student-level overview of honey bees and how they make honey. 

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