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Beekeeping Education

Resources, Getting Started, and More


Training Courses

New Jersey Beekeepers Association Education Page
Visit this page for the latest offering of Short Courses and Seminars in the area.


The NWNJBA short course, taught by Cornell Certified Master Beekeeper Jean Miller, is now open for registration. Basic Beekeeping is a complete three-day course in beekeeping to be held September 16 and 30, and a field day in October TBA. Class materials are based on the curriculum developed by EAS Certified Master Beekeeper Landi Simone. Successful completion of this class fulfills the legal education requirement to keep bees in NJ. Attendees must be 14 years or older.​
Operated by NWNJBA past president Kevin Inglin, this free two-year mentoring program pairs you with an experienced beekeeper who will work with you and provide hands-on assistance with your hives. Anyone may sign up for the course, but mentors are only available in Hunterdon and Warren Counties as of Spring 2023. 

Getting Started Guide

Getting Started in Beekeeping Guide
Visit our local guide for how to get started as a beginning beekeeper. 

Getting Started in Beekeeping Guide
Visit our local guide for how to get started as a beginning beekeeper. 

Treating Varroa Mites

Honeybee Health Coalition Varroa Management
Resources and plans for treating varroa mites in your hives.

Additional Resources

New Jersey Statue - Title 4 Agricultural and Domestic Animals 
- The statues that pertain to keeping bees in the state of New Jersey can be accessed at the New Jersey State Department of Agriculture website.

New Jersey Beekeeper Registration Form 

- New Jersey Laws require that all Bee Yards in New Jersey where bees are overwintering be registered annually with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. Read More > 

Apiary Inspection Program 

- This link will take you to the NJ Dept of Agriculture Bee Inspection Web Page.

Honey Bee Foraging Regions
- This link will take you to a NASA website that shows the honey bee forage regions for the US. The map is clickable and you can see what month plants bloom in your region.

Hive Inspection Form 
- Right-click the link and choose to save target to download a printable form for honey bee hive inspections. 

NWNJBA YouTube Videos / Beekeeping Podcasts Page

- Visit the Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association YouTube Channel. We have 200+ videos there on a wide range of topics. Beekeeping lectures, how-to, inspections, past meeting captures of hands-on, there something for everyone. We frequently continue to add new videos so check back frequently or subscribe to the channel.

- Visit our Podcasts section of our media education page to learn about and see links to popular beekeeping podcasts.

Beekeeping Newsletters

- New Jersey Beekeepers Association Newsletter Archive

APIS Newsletter - A summary and gleanings of the articles in Bee Culture Magazine.

- Visit this web page to subscribe to the Scientific Beekeeping Newsletter provided by well know beekeeping researcher Randy Oliver.

Student Beekeeping Training Scholarship

Any New Jersey full-time student interested in becoming involved in beekeeping can apply for a scholarship to one of the Rutgers, Essex, Jersey Cape, or Sussex courses offered below. The youth must be a New Jersey resident, a full-time student, and between the ages of 12 and 22 as of the start date of the course they are applying for. Applications must be submitted with enough time to review and for us to enroll you in the class you are interested in. Click here for complete guidelines. Click here for an application form. If you have any questions about this program, please email


For more information about this program and additional training opportunities visit the New Jersey Beekeepers Association web page Education section here.

Glossary of Beekeeping Terms

Sometimes you simply need to know what people are talking about.  There are a number of unique phrases, words, and terms in beekeeping to keep you on your toes.  Hopefully, these will help.

Betterbee Glossary of Terms

Bush Bees Glossary of Beekeeping Terms

Rutgers University Downloadable Beekeeping Glossary of Terms

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