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Resources to help you in your journey as a beekeeper

Beekeeping Resources Page

If you do not find a resource you need please send us a note at

Getting Started in Beekeeping

If you are getting started in beekeeping, we have a guide for you. We prepared a detailed overview of tips, recommendations, guidance and other information so you can have a baseline about keeping bees in New Jersey.

The NWNJBA Getting Started in Beekeeping Guide

Beekeeper Education

Where to go for beekeeping education, education resources, beekeeping terminology, beekeeping laws in New Jersey​, the apiary inspection program, a hive inspection form, and other useful information.

Beekeeper Education Resources

Directions to Beekeeping Meeting Places

How to get to places that are used for NWNJBA meetings and events. 

NWNJBA Directions Page

Honey Show Tips

One of the activities you can do as a beekeeper is enter a local, regional, state, or national honey show. Preparing honey and other products of the hive for shows takes a certain know-how. We offer tips, recommendations, and other advice shared by our members.

Honey Show TIps


Beekeeping supplies, where to buy bees, and other products and services are listed. Find local places to buy honey and  beekeepers’ services like swarm removals.


Useful Links

Links to beekeeping blogs, local beekeeping associations, magazines, and other places on the web where beekeeping-related content can be reviewed.

Useful Links

Beekeeping Forums and Facebook Pages

There are a handful of beekeeping forums on the Internet that talk about just about every topic related to beekeeping one could imagine. Related to forums are Facebook pages from the other associations in the state.  


Beekeeping Podcasts

This page provides descriptions and links to some of the more prominent beekeeping podcasts. 

Beekeeping Podcasts

The Gadget Garage

There is little limit to beekeeping ingenuity. The Gadget Garage is a listing of gear and gadgets that were found on the Internet, in magazines, and invented by two of our own: Bob Kloss and Kevin Inglin. 

NWNJBA Gadget Garage

Honey Locator

Find local honey, state honey, and a national​ resource for finding honey in the location near you. Along with the places to find honey, there is a section that provides some information about buying honey — what the differences are, taste, color, etc.  

Honey Locator Page

Honey Bee Swarms and Swarm Removals

Have you encountered a swarm? This page presents the background on what a swarm is, and the basics you need to know about them. It also has resources if you need to contact someone for a removal. 

Honey Bee Swarms

Bee/Insect Identification

It’s striped. It’s buzzing. What is it?​ This page provides descriptions of the most common honey bee-related insects with a picture, description, and insights about how defensive they are. 

Insect Identification

Hive Placement Requests

If you have property in Hunterdon or Warren County and want to host bees, or if you want to keep bees but don’t have the land or space, this is the matchmaking opportunity you’ve been looking for. The page has a form for submissions along with some details to help work out arrangements.

Hive Placement

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