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Membership Renewals

Information on how to join or renew your membership with NJBA/NWNJBA.

Membership Renewals

Initial memberships and renewals are handled by our parent organization, the New Jersey Beekeepers Association (NJBA)

If you are already a member, the state association’s online membership registration system will send notices of membership renewal reminders to your email in advance of expiration. If you have not looked, it might make sense to look there first for an email with instructions for renewal.


If you want to know your expiration or renewal date independently of those notifications,:


Self-Service Renewal 

1. Visit the NJBA membership renewal portal.



2. When on the webpage, click the LOGIN link in the upper right-hand corner and provide your user ID and password.


If you do not remember your account information you can try the Forgot Password option or send an email to to ask for assistance.


3. Upon logging in, you will see your membership name in the top right corner of the web page (typically it is your first and last name). Click on the link for your name to visit your membership profile.


4. On the profile page it will indicate (under the membership details) how long until your membership expires and provide you with a button to renew. Click the Renew button and follow the instructions.

Questions about renewal registrations can be directed to the New Jersey Beekeepers at

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