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About the NWNJBA 

About the NWNJBA

The Northwest branch of the New Jersey Beekeepers Association is a regional organization of more than 200 bee hobbyists and sideliners (less than 300 hives). Our members generally reside in Hunterdon and Warren Counties, but membership is not limited to this region of the state.


In addition to the primary member base, there is a large contingent of members from other locations around the state who have joined the NWNJBA as their secondary organization.

Organization Charter

The purpose of our branch, as well as the state-wide organization, is to:

(1) Foster and promote the art of apiculture in New Jersey

(2) To educate residents of the Garden State about the state insect, the honey bee, and its vital role in agriculture

(3) To produce bees and honey and related products.

(4) To simply share and enjoy our fabulous and fun-filled pursuit of raising and caring for honey bees.


Our members, beekeepers and non-beekeepers alike, work, cooperate and support each other in promoting beekeeping and related activities. To that end, our members are engaged in mentoring new beekeepers, holding periodic social and business meetings where members can share experiences and ideas, provide educational opportunities for schools and the public at large, and participate in county-level agricultural activities such as fairs - e.g. the annual Hunterdon County 4H & Agricultural Fair and the Warren County Farmer's Fair. 

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