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NJ Honey Show Winners!

Starring a few of our own!

Primary members:

  • Laura Joiner

    • Novelty Beeswax (3rd)

  • Lance Tokash

    • Chunk Honey (1st)

    • Sections Rounds (2nd)

    • Beeswax Block 2nd)

    • Frame of Honey (3rd)

Secondary Members:

  • Adele Barree

    • Photo, People (2nd)

  • Tracy Colangelo

    • Mead, Dry(2nd)

    • Mead, Sweet (2nd)

    • Mead, Fruit Juice (2nd)

  • Rebecca Garvin

    • Light Honey (1st)

    • Light Amber (1st)

    • Amber (1st and Division Best)

    • Black Box (2nd)

    • Novelty Beeswax (1st and Division Best)

    • Taper Candles Poured (1st)

    • Taper Candles Dipped (1st)

    • Novelty Candles (1st)

    • Photo, Beekeeping (1st)

  • Eileen Hyland

    • Creamed Honey (1st and Division Best)

    • Frame of Honey (2nd)

Congratulations to all the winners! The full list is available on the state’s Facebook page.

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