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Getting Started in Beekeeping

Resources for Getting Started in Beekeeping

Welcome to the Craft of Beekeeping

One of the key aspects of the Northwest Association is to foster the art of beekeeping and helping others to take up the craft of beekeeping is one of the key principles of the mission.  Below you will find a section of our website dedicated to helping our beekeepers find sound information for not only getting started but on the journey to becoming a confident and competent beekeeper.

About this Resource

Getting Started Primer
This section of the website is designed for two key pursuits.  The first part outlined below is a general primer.  It will take you through a high-level introduction of do's and don'ts.  These are kind of like crib notes to give a sense of things to consider when taking up beekeeping.  As one might imagine, we would encourage our new beekeepers to immerse themselves in our more comprehensive path.

Getting Started - Managed Mentoring Program

The second section is the rich and deep getting started resources for new members. 

Getting Started Primer

The NWNJBA provides several classes of membership for individuals, families, and even if this is a secondary organization.  To see the cost, and for what is included in the membership click/tap the link below.  The page also has information about what is included with membership and the instructions on the registration process.

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