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New Education and Training for Beginning Beekeepers

NWNJBA members are offering two different tracks for you to learn how to keep bees.

First is Basic Beekeeping, a three-day course taught by Cornell Certified Master Beekeeper Jean Miller. Classes will be held September 16 and 30, with a field day in October TBA. Class materials are based on the curriculum developed by EAS Certified Master Beekeeper Landi Simone. Successful completion of this class fulfills the legal education requirement to keep bees in NJ. Sign up on the state website.

If you know the basics but you want more in-depth instruction, NWNJBA past president and EAS Certified Master Beekeeper Kevin Inglin offers a two-year program, Managed Mentoring. Kevin and his mentors will walk you through the first two years of beekeeping.

Managed Mentoring is designed to supply the expertise and support you throughout your journey of learning. Mentors stay with you and provide instructions on what to do next, while taking the time to teach you why you are doing what you are doing.

Go to the website and click on Start Here in the menu to get an overview of the entire program.

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